What's the difference between a Wedding Planner & Wedding Coordinator?

To me, a wedding planner is someone that makes decisions and takes action on behalf of a couple to assist in their wedding planning. A wedding coordinator is someone who helps work with a couple to guide the couple into making decisions and taking action. I am a wedding coordinator and I run my business basically like a consulting business. I will give you the information, facts, and provide recommendations to help you plan your wedding. I will not plan your wedding for you, and I will not make decisions for you. I want couples to be involved and invested in their wedding planning process.

What does signing a contract with Capitol Romance Wedding Coordination get me?

Signing a contract with Capitol Romance Wedding Coordination gives you access to my experiences and connections. I have met countless area wedding vendors and have access to a great number of resources in order to find what you might be looking for. It also gives you access to a set of customized tools I have created to assist couples in planning a creative wedding on a budget. A contract also provides couples with unlimited access to me via email and a specified number of in-person meetings.

Image: Liz Fogarty Photography

Image: Liz Fogarty Photography

Will you purchase items for my wedding?

In most cases it will be the responsibility of a couple to make purchases for their own wedding. My business is not setup to offer this sort of feature.

Are your wedding blog and wedding coordination business basically the same?

It is my intention to keep my blog and my wedding coordination business similar but separate. While both strive to provide a resource to Washington, DC area couples planning a wedding, the blog and my coordination business have separate missions, functions, and business goals. However, while the businesses are separate, they are similar in theme and title. They will also share social media accounts. I will respect the privacy of any of my clients that do not wish to be mentioned on my blog and social media outlets. I will also remain transparent with regards to self-promotion of my wedding coordination business on my blog and will not make decisions for my wedding coordination business based on anything related to my blog.

How long have you been a wedding coordinator?

I guess you could say I started in 2009 when I planned and coordinated my own wedding, but I think it might be more official to say I started in September 2012 when I coordinated my first wedding under the Capitol Romance header. Obviously that means I am pretty new to the wedding coordination world but I am constantly learning, evolving, and growing in this business and any couple that wants to share in this process with me excites me!

Are the vendors you recommend to clients paying you to recommend them?

No! I will not accept payment as a wedding coordinator to “push” any vendor to my clients. I will provide my clients with recommendations based on my understanding of a vendors’ services and abilities, against the needs of my clients. I do, however, partner with a handful of vendors to provide discounted options to my couples. I will always provide full disclosure to my couples of who these vendors are!

Are you really that obsessed with Harry Potter?

Yes, yes I am. I’ve read the books more times than I can count, I made it to 4/8 midnight showings, and I even attempted to get married at Hogwarts in Orlando, FL (Andy did not buy it). I even made my love permanent in the form of a Harry Potter tattoo on my foot. Feel free to ask me to see it.

Got more questions that I didn't answer here?

Then shoot me a note! I try to respond within 2-3 business days (weekends don't count! I am probably working or traveling or meeting with couples on my weekends :)